I live and write on the land. I am just a humble herder and weaver of wool, in service to my caprine queens and benevolent sheep, and the land that holds and earths me. My place is in the fields and fens, the woods, wide open hills and wild places, barefoot and breathing hircine sweat and honeysuckle and bathing in the rain.

I write on our human connection to the land and nature, our place of belonging in the great web of all life. On farming, sovereignty, localisation, and the deep alignment of eating and living seasonally and from place, the food and fibre that are ultimately why we farm and what connect us all back to the land.

My words are my art. Sometimes I might rant political, and sometimes I may wax poetic on the meaning of it all. Always from my heart, imperfect, whole and human.

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Tending land and sheep in the wilds of southwest Ireland. Essays on the land, our human connection to it, our place of belonging in the Great Web of All Life. And smatterings of our off grid life on a West Cork mountain..



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